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Thortspace 3D Mind Map Software Free App Download

Overview About Thortspace

Thortspace 3D Software visual thinking platform that may be used for creative brainstorming, problem solving, collaborative research, and teaching. Beyond Best 3d Mind apMping Software, this technique reflects how people’s Mind Map Ar function.

Initially, the Thortspace App’s mobile versions were considered to be a supplement to the desktop versions. If you were out and about, for example, you could add some Thortspace 3D Software to a sphere as they occurred to you, but you’d have to wait until you got home or back to your office to properly position those Thorts, modify your Categories or Arrangements, and examine their linkages with Paths.

While it is probably true that the larger the screen on which you use Bindon Thortspace Utah, the better the experience you will have, using Edward Hoare Thortspace on a smaller screen has proven to be surprisingly ok for some people, especially now that we have begun to address some of the App’s more serious usability issues.

Thortspace 3D Collaborative Online and Offline Mind Mapping application for creative brainstorming, problem solving, collaborative research, teaching, and simply thinking about things in general. Thortspace goes beyond 3D mind mapping to portray the workings of the human mind.

3d pop up mind map


In a number of ways,Thortspace Download differs from traditional Mindmeister and concept-mapping software:

1 Maps are organised around the surfaces of one or more spheres, which are shown in three dimensions to the user.

2 Map-nodes (also known as “Thortspace Tutorial” in the product) can be grouped together by proximity and connected by pathways.

3 Paths can be created to link thort to thort, Bindon Thortspace to Thortspace Review, group to group, Thortspace Free to sphere, group to sphere, sphere to sphere, Thortspace App to sphere, group to sphere, sphere to sphere.

4 Thortspace Alternative subsets of node layouts can be kept and switched between.

5 The notion of “Journeys” allows a succession of map perspectives in 3D space to be visited in a sequential manner, resulting in a presentation.

6 The programme has a basic social networking feature as well as a newsfeed that allows users to keep track of their own and others’ contributions across collaborative realms.

Screenshots of Thortspace:

bindon thortspace


3D associative and connecting structures based on spheres Supports a uniform interface and data sharing across all main operating system platforms and devices: Linux, Windows, MacOSX, iOS, and Android

At various layers of organisation, there is linking and connection.

Collaboration in real time

Email, social media accounts, or a private link are all options for sharing.

Publishing to the web with a single click

Thorts can include pictures, URL links, and be colour coded in a variety of different ways.

Thortspace Cost is intended to facilitate the following activities: experimental multi-perspective reflection and play,

The development of bits of thought that may be utilised as building blocks to construct thinking structures

Thortspace The Story empowers the journey, not just the goal, by focusing on the process.

Analyze as well as synthesise

Best For

Individual usage, knowledge management, insight production, and issue resolution are all areas in which education, accelerated learning, presentations, storytelling, Coggle, mental health, entrepreneurship, company growth, Lucidchart and individual usage are all important.

Thortspace Mind Map Pricing Overview

Public Spheres Thortspace pricing starts at $9.17 as a flat rate, per month.There is a free version. Public Spheres Thortspace offers a free trial.See additional pricing details below.

What’s new in Thortspace

Version 1.5.37:

Bug fixes and usability improvements have been made.

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Apk Permissions

gain access to network information

preventing the processor from going to sleep or the screen from dimming

find out more about Wi-Fi networks

sockets on the network

examine the user’s contact information

read data from a remote location

synchronise with external storage

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