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Ummet Ozcan – Genesis Pro VST Crack Mac/Win X64 Plugin Free Download

Overview About Ummet Ozcan – Genesis Pro Crack

Ummet Ozcan – Genesis Pro Crack, a Dutch-Turkish DJ and producer, has revealed their own Genesis Pro synthesiser after an eight-year wait. Ozcan’s YouTube account received the notification in the form of a 16-minute, 16-second video. The movie itself walks you through the plugin’s numerous features, as well as providing an explanation of why it was created and why it costs what it does.

genesis guitar pro

The developer of Ummet Ozone Genesis Pro Synth Crack claims that he tried all of the software synthesisers and always discovered that something was lacking. In order to create his own synthesiser, he wanted it to have a distinct personality as well as an engine capable of creating any sound imaginable. He describes it as a digital replica of his musical brain, and while it sounds complicated, he wants it to be simple to use.

Ummet Ozone Genesis Pro Crack 2021! {Mac-Win}

The User Experience and User Interface of these modules are quite simple or straight forward. This module is successfully flexible for basic learners as well as cutting-edge and expert clients. Various new locations may be found behind each handle, which appear in the large display in the middle.

So, for less experienced customers, they may continue playing with handles, while those who like more profound things can go further into the complexities of each barrier. Even if you haven’t considered sound planning, you can now plan outstanding sound leads with a single cycle of this module.

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I set everything up with a real series, then closed it up and explained how to put everything back in its proper location so that the audio content loaded appropriately. The current version of the plugin offers me the notice “Get your licence,” which should be disregarded by clicking OK in Ableton (I don’t believe it’s required for another DAW).

After the original retail installation with a valid string, this notice (confirmed in Ableton Live 9 + 10) was available on both genesis pro vst 64 bit and 32-bit systems. There is no copy protection, no additional activation choices, and no licencing import that I can see, with the exception of serialising the installer.

Ummet Ozone Genesis Pro Crack Rom Oscillator Rom – Subtractive – FM – PD

  • 2 waves to choose from There are over 200 waveforms available.
  • Up to 24 voices per key in Unison Modes x2 x4 x6
  • Various Phasing Modes
  • Filtering with FM and FM
  • Morphing / Wave ReshapingMultiple PW Modes
  • Up to x2 layering model


  • 2 LFOs with 24 waveforms to choose from
  • Step-by-step controller with a maximum of 16 steps
  • There are four ADSR envelopes with five different destinations.
  • 2 Sources and 5 Destinations Matrix
  • A total of 145 locations can be targeted by each modulation source.


  • 12db Multi Filter
  • 24db Multi-Filter
  • Mod Mode + Analog
  • Mod Mode + Hi-Pass
  • Band Pass + Mod Mode
  • Band Reject + Mod Mode
  • Parallel Duo Filter + Mod Mode
  • Serial + Mod Mode Duo Filter
  • 5 different saturation modes

14 High-Quality Effects:

  • Disturbance (12 different distortion modes)
  • Amp Simulator
  • Reducer of Bits
  • Crusher
  • Phaser is a kind of phaser that is (8 Stages)
  • Flanger
  • Ensemble
  • Vibrato
  • Filter for vowels
  • Equalizer
  • Delay
  • Reverb in Hyperspace
  • Sidechain
  • Hyper Filter is a type of filter that is used to

Ummet Ozone Genesis Pro Crackling Features:

  • Almost every button on the Epiphone Genesis Deluxe Pro has its own set of settings and options. On the multi-display, they are presented. You may go deep and modify any environment as a sound designer!
  • You have complete control over the oscillators you utilise to make your sounds. Use 1, 2, or 3 oscillators at the same time to build a stack. Alternatively, divide it up by having one sound on the right side of the keyboard and another on the left. Be inventive!
  • Some producers find it tough to play chords. Using clever chord mode, you can easily convert 5-6 finger chords to 1 finger chords. It makes playing complex chords a lot easier.
    Use the 14 built-in high-quality effects to give your sounds a final touch.
  • Make your sounds more complex and organic. For all oscillators, the Genesis Pro VST includes two complete LFOs and two matrix slots with numerous outputs. You may modify whatever you want with over 100 targets to bring your sounds to life. Genesis Pro Bow also comes with four envelopes. The ADSR routing menu allows each envelope to be allocated to over 100 different destinations.
  • Choose from up to eight distinct types of high-quality analogue sounding filters, which may be combined in any way.
  • To give your sounds a final touch, you may add and adjust effects. The Genesis Altitude Pro has master effects built in. To compliment your sounds, you may utilise stereo and pan controls, as well as limiter and master filters. You can use the Alpha controller to control as many controllers as you wish at once.
  • The Genesis Smooth Pro Ceiling Tiles 2×4 White is a synthesiser unlike any other. It was created to investigate various methods of sound production. With Dynamic Link, you may go beyond the synthesizer’s capabilities and ensure that it links to anything from the outside. It comes as an extra FX plug-in that can be used to modify the values in Genesis Lifestyle Pro Theme by routing any form of audio source.
  • There are eight configurable keyboard shortcuts (CTRL + 1 to CTRL + 8) with the option of setting 22 actions to each key.
  • It has to be more than just something beneath the hood; it has to look beautiful as well! To unlock your full creative potential, go to Picasso mode. Make it as wild as you like by changing the backgrounds, buttons, images, text, and decals.

System Requirements:

Ummet Ozcan Genesis Pro Synthesizer Plug-in
64-bit (VST, VST3, AAX)
Windows 7, 8, 10
Mac OSx 10.12, 10.13, 10.14
Torrent link R2R (full version)

Installation Guide for Genesis Pro VST Mac Crack


1. Put the content of the folder “Genesis Pro VST Mac” (Sound Content) in the path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\GenesisPro

Please note that if this folder with the exact same name (for both x64 and x86) does not exist on your hard drive, you must first create it before placing the Sound Content folder inside!


FOR 64 BIT (x64)

Put the content of the folder “x64” in your x64 VsT Path.
By Default – C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTplugins

FOR 32 BIT (x86)

Put the content of the folder “x86” in your x86 VsT Path.
By Default – C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VSTplugins

How To Crack?

  • Download the file from the link below
  • Extract the file
  • Run setup

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